Gamer vBulletin 4.x Premium Skins

23 Apr

The Gamer premium style for vBulletin 4 forums comes in three different color variations – Blue, Green and Red, all of which are matched very well in an attractive design in order to make your online community a place visitors will be willing to spend their time in. These vBulletin forum styles come with both fixed width as well as a fluid width version to better suit your specific website needs, there is also a step by step installation guide available to get things up and running faster and easier. The header and footer of the style are included in a PSD file for easier modification like for example adding your own logo. So if you don’t want to be like the rest of the crowd that using the standard vBulletin forum style you can get this alternative skin for your online community and make your forum look different. The Gamer Blue, Green and Red professional forum styles come with 1 year free support & updates and works with vBulletin versions 4.0.6 – 4.1.3.

For more information about the Gamer Blue vBulletin 4.x Premium Skin
For more information about the Gamer Green vBulletin 4.x Premium Skin
For more information about the Gamer Red vBulletin 4.x Premium Skin

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