Earn Money by Using Bit.ly Style Short Links

15 Apr

I’m sure you are pretty used to using short link services such as the hugely popular Bit.ly service, because they are really useful when posting links in Twitter, Facebook or other social media… they are easier to share with friends as well. And not to mention hat you can get a detailed statistics for who, when and where from clicked on the short link you posted or shared. So what is the next step of the evolution? Well it is called Adf.ly, a short link service similar to Bit.ly, but also paying you money for people clicking on your short link, the more people click on the links you post, the more money you will be making. All this is making this short link service a great and unobtrusive way for you to get useful functionality while at the same time monetizing your website or blog traffic, but you are not limited only to that… you can post the short links in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube as well as in Forums, blog comments in other blogs and pretty much everywhere. And every click you get equals to money you are making…

With this short link service you can earn up to more than $4.00 USD for every 1000 visitors that click on your short links. You get frequent statistics with revenue breakdown to keep a close track of your earnings and there is an Easy-to-reach minimum payout of just $5.00 USD. The payments for your earnings are being made trough PayPal and AlertPay, so you can get the cash quickly and easily, you just need to have an account in one of these online payment services. On a side note, with the help of this service you can not only earn from visitors clicking on your short links, but also bring visitors to your new web projects in order to make them more popular in no time… with minimum costs.

To check out the money earning opportunities offered by the Adf.ly service…

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