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Nostra is Business website oriented theme for WordPress. It theme can be configured easily, there are 7 additional widgets, and 6 additional color schemes to customize the look an functionality to best suit your specific needs. The module for color managing will help you to change the background color and color design of one or few blocks, which will enable you to create a unique color design thus making your site more memorable. The Nostra theme comes with a separate Blog category, there is a featured news slider that lets you display the most important information on the main page of your site, a page-based homepage which enables you to control all of the content on the homepage and there is the ability to choose whether the full post should be displayed, or it would be a short outlay. The theme is ready for localization using gettext functionality, comes with a SEO Optimised Layout with custom SEO settings, an automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically create the thumbnails for the blog posts and lots more.

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