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For the whole month of March Certified Hosting is running a special discounts promotion that can give you some great deals on various kinds of hosing, from shared to dedicated servers – save big while getting quality and reliable hosting for all of your websites. All you need to do to take advantage from the better prices is to use the promo code “MARCH13” (without the quotes).

Shared Hosting
The easy, affordable way to get online for as low as $3.16 per month. If you’re just starting a new website, or already have a small blog or personal site, shared hosting offers an inexpensive and feature filled way to get online. Take advantage of our special offer today and get 20% off any Dork, Geek or Nerd plan. Learn more about the biggest wordpress hosting provider at the link.

Shared Dedicated Hosting
Better than shared, cheaper than dedicated, easy to upgrade. If you’re starting to max out on shared hosting or if you just want a better hosting plan with more resources then our NEW shared dedicated hosting plans may be for you. Give it a try and see why Shared Dedicated is quickly becoming our clients favorite platform. Sign up today and get 20% off your 1st invoice.

Dedicated Servers
Maximum power and complete control over your server. Dedicated servers are the ultimate hosting solution for any website. If you want the best performance and most control, a dedicated server is the only way to go. A dedicated server can be fully customized to your specs, and all of the resources are yours to do with as you please. Fall in love with one of our dedicated servers today and get 20% off your 1st invoice.

Business Hosting
Feature rich hosting for small online businesses. The business hosting plans are designed specifically for small to medium sized business and eCommerce sites. Business plans include more resources than shared hosting plus, exclusive features to help your business grow. (Free domain,dedicated IP, SSL, business directory listing and more). Start your business right with 28% off any Business Hosting plan. Get a Email Hosting Provider for your business.

Reseller Hosting
Make money with your own hosting service. Resell fast, reliable hosting service under your own brand. Are you looking to start your own web hosting company? Or do you just want an easier way to maintain and manage hundreds of websites? If so a reseller hosting plan is right for you. The reseller plans come equipped with all of the tools and resources you to host your own websites today. Sign up today and get 20% off your 1st invoice.

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