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The Overload Premium Theme is a secret weapon for your online presence. This theme uses built-in scripts to avoid incompatibility with widgets and plugins and you get 6 skins with it. The custom admin interface lets you customize the theme in any way you want, no HTML knowledge is required to change skins, activate or disable elements and so on. The theme comes with a built in custom admin interface that lets you change almost everything in the theme. Enable or disable elements, change or disable content sliders and so on. No HTML knowledge is needed to customize the theme. The theme comes with two sidebar sizes. This means you can choose which one you want to use: 300 pixels wide widgets, or half sized widgets (142px wide). This let’s you customize your blog even more. It has six different color styles that can be changed through the custom admin interface. All you need to do is choose a color style and save it. With the Overload Premium WordPress Theme you will get: A modern and unique design, 6 different skins, custom admin interface, complete installation and usage guide, built-in scripts, special script free menu, PSD logo source, single 300px wide sidebar widget space and two 140px wide sidebar widget space, built-in advertising options, content slider (can be disabled) with post listing function and a Google Analytics ready code. The theme is crossbrowser compatible and works with all recent wordpress versions up to the latest ones.

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