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There are some times when you need to register for a free service or website just to check something that is usually not available without registration or to download a single file and after that you just start getting unwanted email messages. So instead of using your main email address in such moments you better go an take advantage of one of the following free services offering you temporary email addresses just for cases like these. Here is a short list of some of the most popular and good such services:

1. YopMail
2. 10 Minute Mail
3. Guerrilla Mail
4. Incognito Mail
5. FizMail
6. AnonymBox
7. Mailinator
8. My Trash Mail
9. MailEater
10. MailCatch

Personally I prefer to use the first three in the list, but sometimes there might be a problem opening a certain mail or a message simply not being received by one of the services, so then you can just go and try the next one… ;)