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Vanilla Forums is a free and open-source, embedable, themable, multi-lingual community-building solution. It is specially made to help small communities grow larger with the help of some SEO mojo, totally customizable social tools, and great user experience. Vanilla Forums is also built with integration at the forefront, so it can seamlessly integrate with your existing website, blog, or custom-built application… you just need to embed some javascript code on your website and the forum will be shown there. You can for example quickly and easily integrated the forum inside your WordPress or any other blog platform, CMS system or even static website.


The script is based on PHP code and requires you to have a MySQL database, it offers multiple addons that can add useful custom features to your Vanilla forum. You also have multiple options for using different themes in order to customize the look and feel of your forum. And after your community grows bigger,t hen you may decide to switch to a more advanced and feature right solution for hosting your forums, but Vanilla Forums is just what you need to get things started quickly and easily.

For more information and to download the free Vanilla Forums PHP and MySQL script…