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Save some Cold, Hard Cash! $7.49/yr domains

Go Daddy, one of the largest domain registrars, has announced that the prices for the most popular .COM domain names will get an increase by by 7% on January 15, 2012 due to VeriSign rising the prices (this price increase will affect all domain registrars). And in order to get around the price increase for a bit you should renew your existing domain names by January 14th, 2012. Now is also the right time to register any new .COM domain names that you are planning to be using and you should of course register or renew for multiple years, so that you could get long-term savings. This price increase will also affect the .NET domain names, so you should be aware of that as well.

The Internet infrastructure provider VeriSign explains the raise of the fees for domains due to the fact that due to the Internet usage growth and the increase of DDOS attacks the infrastructure demands have also increased and the increase of the price of domains is needed in order to cover for these increased costs. So don’t wait for the last moment, especially if you have a lot of .COM or .NET domain names, you should renew them now or register any new ones you may need while the old price is still active…