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Getting a dedicated hosting server for your websites may sound like a good idea if you already have a lot of traffic and requite more resources, but if you are still developing your websites and they are just starting to grow, then going directly for a dedicated server may be a bit expensive at this point. There is a good and more affordable solution available, it is called shared dedicated server that comes at a more affordable price with a bit more limited resources and offers an easy way to upgrade when your websites start to need more resources that you have at ay given moment. This way your hosting grows when you need it to grow and the money you pay for hosting cover better what your needs currently are.

Using an exclusive Shared Dedicated hosting package, combining the fully managed and simple to use shared environment with Lightweight Virtualized Enviornment (LVE) technology you can get the highest performance shared plans possible. What this means in English is that a high performance server gets divided it up into 6 ‘slices’, each with their own equal amount of CPU, Ram, Disc Space and bandwidth. So a shared dedicated server can have as few as one client (who uses all 6 slices and all of the server resources) or up to 6 individual clients, each with their own slice (and individual resources). The best part about shared dedicated hosting is the ability to slowly upgrade your hosting as your site grows. You can easily start shared dedicated hosting with just one slice of the server pie, and then add slices (and additional resources) as needed. The perfect solution for your adult websites as they continue to grow and expand.

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