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Modest is a truly elegant and simple design that doesn’t sacrifice character or style of your blog. With this theme the main idea was to strip down all extraneous detail and give people something lightweight and pure. It was hard to resist the natural instinct to add additional design elements, but this exercise in restraint has yielded a theme that will serve many people well, providing simple and stylish design, so that the main focus can easily be set on the content you provide. The Modest wordpress theme comes with five different color variations, so if the default White isn’t your style of choice, then you can try switching to the Black, Blue, Green or Purple color schemes that you have as options. And even though the Modest template was created to be a CMS with a Page-Based structure in mind, you can also run the theme like a normal blog instead, should your specific needs require it. This WP theme utilizes timthumb to automatically resize your thumbnail images. Because of this, only one thumbnail images is required per post, despite the various thumbnail sizes used in the theme. And with Modest you can easily place 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads to your post pages with utmost ease, without the need of having any additional programming or design knowledge. All the advertisements are handled from within the graphical wp-admin control panel, and can be turned on and off at any time by any of the admin users that have full access. This theme has also been localized for easy translation. Using the theme’s MO and PO files, you can quickly translate the design in different languages without having to hunt through the theme’s PHP files to change each word.

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