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If you are not making an information blog containing mostly text articles, but instead you want to make a blog where you want to show the digital photographs you make or a so called photo blog you need to go for a specialized type of themes. These WordPress themes are specially optimized to show a lot of big images and a little text and the visitor should be able to easily navigate and look trough your gallery or portfolio of images taken and published so far. You can decide to use a more art oriented theme with abstract look and feel or to bet on a straightforward approach and focus on the pictures you publish. Either way here is a list of five good WordPress templates that are designed to be used for photo blogs that are a good start…

1. AutoFocus PhotoBlog Theme


AutoFocus is a free WordPress theme specifically designed for photographers looking for a simple and elegant way to display their work online. If offers a clean and straightforward navigation with image on mouse over descriptions and when you open an image (post) you can also write a long text as in a normal information oriented blog. AutoFocus is a derivative of Futurosity Aperio Prototype by Robert Ellis.

Download AutoFocus PhotoBlog WordPress Theme

2. F8 Lite PhotoBlog Theme


F8 Lite is a free WordPress theme suitable to be used for a photography & multimedia portfolio blog. The theme is SEO optimized, iPhone compatible, has grid-based css, offers built-in Galleria support, slideshow-enabled, with built-in multimedia support, auto or manual thumbnail control, Gravatars, plus much, much more. There is also a bit improved F8 (non-lite) version of the theme, but it is not being offered for free as the lite version.

Download F8 Lite PhotoBlog WordPress Theme

3. Ocular Professor PhotoBlog Theme


Ocular Professor is a clean, simple, widget ready theme designed for WordPress-powered photoblogs that features large images, gallery support, and threaded comments. The latest version is designed for WordPress 2.7, but the theme is still backwards compatible with WP 2.5+, only the comment formatting will be slightly different for pre 2.7 versions. Ocular Professor was featured in The Best WordPress Themes of 2008.

Download Ocular Professor PhotoBlog WordPress Theme

4. Nishita PhotoBlog Theme


Nishita is a simple, elegant styled PhotoBlog theme for WordPress. It offers a clean and simple interface where the main focus is on the image along with a very short description. Nishita also has an easy and very intuitive navigation in the bottom right end of the page that allows you to quickly browse over all the published photos.

Download Nishita PhotoBlog WordPress Theme

5. Monotone PhotoBlog Theme


Monotone is another photo blogging theme for WordPress. The most interesting and noticeable thing in this theme is that colors of the theme change in order to match the photo being currently displayed. This way your blog will always change according to the content you publish in it and the visitors won’t get bored.

Download Monotone PhotoBlog WordPress Theme

Here is a list of 5 good WordPress themes that are mostly white and grey, look very stylish and yet are quite simple and clean looking. They are a great start if you plan to develop your own WP theme, but you don’t want to start from scratch. Nevertheless these themes are also good for use directly in your blog without modifying anything, especially if you are planning to focus on the content of the blog and not only on how it looks. The following five themes are suitable for any kind of blog, they can be used for just about any content – form a personal blog where you share your life and experience with friends to a specialized web design, programming, automotive, it or just about any other specialized topic…

1. Carrington Blog


Carrington is a free CMS theme framework for WordPress that makes it easy to create unique looks for different categories, posts and comments just by creating custom templates. This is a developer friendly theme with atomic templates and an elegant override hierarchy. Carrington Blog supports WordPress 2.7 threaded comments even when comments are being pulled via AJAX and there is also a paginated comments support. The theme supports easy color customization for all the main theme elements through simple color pickers on the settings page. There is a built-in preview feature as well, so you can check your changes before you make them live. You can also personalize the header with your own custom background image. The theme also comes with some other nice and useful features and it is quite easy to modify in order to fit your personal needs…

Download Carrington Blog WordPress Theme

2. Fusion


Fusion is a free WordPress template with 2 columns (right sidebar), and fixed or fluid width. The theme offers beautiful and yet light and clean design and comes with a lot of functions built in, making it an incredibly flexible for any project. The theme is mostly white and grey with just a few graphic elements that add just about enough to make it look stylish without being too colorful or full of things. The Fusion theme fully supports WordPress 2.7 so you should not have any problems using it even with future versions of the platform.

Download Fusion WordPress Theme

3. iNove


iNove is a lightweight WordPress theme inspired by It is very stylish, supports widgets and doesn’t require any additional plugins. The theme is mostly white and grey in colors with a techy looking header image and as little graphical elements just enough to make it look nice. The iNove theme is easy to modify and to make it look and perform just the way your new blog project requires is. iNove requires WordPress version 2.5 or higher in order to work and doesn’t have problems running on the latest versions of the blog platform.

Download iNove WordPress Theme

4. Thematic


This is the ultimate in SEO-friendly theme for WordPress. Thematic is a highly extensible, WordPress theme framework featuring 13 widget-ready areas, drop-down menus, grid-based layout samples, plugin integration, shortcodes for your footer and a whole lot more. Perfect for any blog and the starting point for theme development, because of it’s clean and simple look. The minimalistic look uses just white, grey and black colors which make it very easy for customization and modification to suit your every need.

Download Thematic WordPress Theme

5. Minimalism


The Minimalism is minimized and professional designed SEO-ready WordPress theme based on the famous Kubrick. It is compatible with WordPress 2.7.x and offers completely validated CSS and HTML code. The theme is highly extensible and ready for localization and customization, making it a perfect starting point for theme development.

Download Thematic WordPress Theme