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Normally if your blog is focused on the information it provides you will got for a clean and simple theme that will not distract your visitors attention, but there are times and types of blogs that need a bit more than that. If you are having a personal blog or one that is lifestyle oriented (quite a popular trend lately) you would need to go for a theme with more graphical elements, with a style that suggests the topic of your blog or just something more entertaining an attractive. So if you are going with that type of blog and it will be powered by WordPress, here is a list of few free themes that you may find interesting and suitable for your needs. You can use them as they come by default or use them as a base to improve to suit your every need and even modify them completely in order to achieve even better results…

1. Strange Little Town


Download Strange Little Town WordPress Theme

2. Grassland Theme


Download Grassland WordPress Theme

3. VectorLeaves Theme


Download VectorLeaves WordPress Theme

4. Japan-style Theme


Download Japan-style WordPress Theme

5. Autumn Forest Theme


Download Autumn Forest WordPress Theme